Case Study : Ranked 1st in Google in Under 3 Months

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I had a potential client ask me if I could show him some past projects we ranked on google for and that is exactly what I am sharing with you today.

The proof is in the pudding ladies in gentleman.

Watch Video Case Study Below:


How We improved Their SEO

We built a website for our clients over at  Mililani Towing as they were only getting about 5-10 phone calls a month.  They had a simple weebly site up with little to no content and we went in and followed or simple process:


Keyword Research

Find the keywords people are searching up

Build A Master Keyword List

Organize those keywords to go after the most searched and relevant keywords to their provided service.

Create Keyword Focused Content

We created multiple pages for each service to hyper focus our keyword efforts to really show google we mean business.

Build Out A High Converting Website

Place the phone number and lot sof call to actions (buttons) around the website to push the user to do what we want.  Call or fill out a form!

Perform On-Site Optimization

A bunch of geeky stuff I am not going to get into right now but you can read more on in SEO Tactics Article.

Build Backlinks

Again, you can read more about this process in this article.


Now this may seem like a lot, and to be honest it is, but we have the formula down to a “T” and it works.


So now you know our process, but what about the results?

Well since I made that video we actually have further increase the call volume from an average 60 calls a month to 80+ a month as you can see in the report below:



Thats all for now folks.  If you are looking to generate more phone calls for your business we would love to jump on a call and see if we would be a good fit for one another.


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