3 Tips On How To Rank Better On Google

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So you got yourself a website but for some reason you do not see it anywhere when you search “your service + local location”.  I am about to blow your mind on 3 simple but powerful tips on how you can better “optimize” your website so google will start bring you up above your competitors.

So the almighty google has more then 120 factors it puts into play when decideing where you match up against your competitors websites but I am about to tell you the 3 main things they focus on…are you ready?

The 3 most important Local SEO factors are:

1.) NAP (Name, Address, Phone)

2.) Keyword Placement & Content

3.) Backlinks


Here is a video explanation for those who do not like to read 🙂


Lets dive a bit deeper and explain each one of these specific factors.


#1 NAP (Name, Address, Phone) – Tell Google Where You Are Located

Briefly speaking it is as simple as making sure your company NAME, ADDRESS, & PHONE NUMBER are on the footer of every page of your website.  This tells google where you are located in relation to where the person is searching.

Now what they do not tell you is….

If you have multiple listings across the web (Yelp, Yellow Pages, Google My Business, ect.) and your address on those site is :

123 Main St. , Kailua, HI, 96734


On your website it is:

123 Main Street, Kailua, HI, 96734

This could significantly drop your google rankings for your selected keywords your going after.

DUMB..I know but its how the google has set the rules and you got to play by googles almighty rules.

Fortunately for you we run an audit for all our clients and we can quickly find any listings that do not match and change them to help your rankings.


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#2 Keyword Placement & Content – Tell Google What You Do

So I am sure you have heard the phrase “content is KING”.  Well if you haven’t that is basically googles catch phrase.  The first thing I am going to discuss is the importance of content and why.  Google crawls millions of websites everyday and the only thing it can do to figure out what your website is about is basically read your content.

If you have a homepage and only have images and no content…google has no idea what your website is about.  Now until we jump into the days of terminators being able to decide what an image is…we will have to tell google what your website is about with lots and lots of content.


*Quick Tip* 

My rule of thumb is to have 1000 words on the home page and 500 words on the internal pages (about, services,ect.)


Ok, lets assume you now have now beefed up your pages with content so google can understand your website we now want to make sure we place keywords in the right places…so where do we want to put those keywords.

Put them in the:

1.) Title / Description 

2.) URLs 

3.) H1 / H2 Tags

4.) First Sentence & Supporting Content 

Basically place variations of the keyword in your first sentence and supporting content as we showed you in the image above.


# 3 Backlinks – Earn Your Online Votes

So now you have told google your location, you have told them what it is you do with content and keyword placement..now what?

We need to show google that other people trust you through backlinks which are basically online VOTES in the internet world. To accomplish this we simply need to get links from other website to your website.


Now this can seem a bit outside of your wheels house and yes it can be difficult to know where to start but lucky for you our team at KRAVE marketing has put together a FREE WEBSITE AUDIT tool so you can see how your current website scores.



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