How Much Does A Website Cost In Hawaii?

By March 1, 2016Web Design

Asking how much a website cost is like asking how much does it cost to remove a tree, buy a car, or build a house.  It really depends on how big you want the house to be and amenities or functions you want the house to have.  This concept can be applied to web design.

Here at KRAVE Marketing we look at a few different things that will help us gauge the amount of time and resources needed to build your website.


Website Size

The first thing we look at is the amount of pages that need to be designed, written, coded, and created.  Just like building a house you need to know how many rooms you want your house to have. We can plan out the architecture of the website through a wireframe which lists all the pages and how they will be laid out on the website.

Content & Images

Content is King in the eyes of the beholder (AKA google).  It is very important to have effective content on your website that allows the customer to find what they are looking for in a quick and efficient manner.  We request our clients to provide the content & images they want to use on the website.

If the client does not have the time or resources to provide these assets, Krave Marketing LLC can handle all the content writing and image aggregation for a nominal fee.

Website Functions

What do you need this website to do? What is the goal of the website?  These are some of the first questions we ask our potential clients before we discuss anything else.  Do you need your website to showcase your Photos for your Photography Business? Do you need your website to showcase what your business does? Do you need your website to sell products?

The simplicity or complexity of what you need the website to do for you will aid us in quoting you properly.  remember a website is a tool that you should leverage in generating more sales, leads, or phone calls.

Marketing & SEO

Once the website is built and looking sexy, the next step is to get it in-front of your customers.  To do this you must generate traffic through multiple marketing streams (SEO, Local Search, Social Media Marketing, Paid Advertising, & Content Marketing)

Here at Krave Marketing LLC we discuss with our clients what their goals so we can strategize the best traffic driving method which matches your target market.

So there are a lot of factors that come into play when figuring out how much a website will cost to design & market but I have provided a generic breakdown of web design cost here at Krave Marketing LLC.


Business / Portfolio Websites

Web Design (1-4 Pages) Starting at $1800

Web Design (5-8 Pages) : Starting At $2500

Web Design (8-15): Starting At $3500


eCommerce (Selling Products)

Web Design ( 1-15 Products) : $2500

Web Design (16-30 Products) $3500

Web Design (30+ products) $4000