The Situation

The client had a great upstart in a field growing at a rate of 15% a year, projected to continue on that trend until 2020.  The business lacked a branding strategy, focus, and exposure.  Formerly Hawaii Supertech, the client agreed to trust the Krave team with a new overall strategy.  When the Krave team stepped in Hawaii Supertech grossed just under 70K annually depending primarily on craigslist.  The company also needed help with their reputation management.

The Solution

The Krave team changed the name and logo for the business, which is the Hawaii Cam Solutions logo you see today. Derrick and Ben from the Krave team decided to separate the business website into 2 websites each tackling a major area of the business. One site would focus on security cameras, while the other would tackle cabling and everything else. Krave implemented contracts and digital deposit and payment systems and changed the way that HCS operated. Some of these implementations are now company secrets of Hawaii Cam Solutions. As it stands, Hawaii Cam Solutions is on pace to gross close to a quarter of a million in its’ first 18 months in existence.

Increase In Traffic
Increase In Leads

Now That You’ve Seen It…